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5 Steps to Health Success (Part 3)

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

This is important to understanding why we get sick. Please take the time to read this.

Primary Lesions

I hope that you guys are able to stay with me for this next part in the discussion of the key steps to health success. I have created my own terminology to describe this and I call this the primary lesion and I would really like to explain what this means.

Let me please continue.

So we go through life, being kids, being human and we are all exposed to all kinds of bugs, germs, parasites, bacteria’s, fungi etc. Some we have in us, some we are exposed to, some we have the ability to make, create and change as means of helping us to keep our systems clean.

So we are kids, we have a cold and what is happening is we are creating bacteria to come in and clean house. We are cleaning out the muck in our body, we cough it out, we splutter it around, the snot comes out of our nose and basically we get it out.

So that is all perfect and the way we are designed to heal.


But then…. We are kids we have a cold, so we go to the doctor and what does he do? He helps us to see the cold as a bad thing and he gives us anti-biotics. What does this do?

This messes with our own natural healing processes. It is not allowing the muck to come out, in fact it does the opposite. It kills our natural line of defences, weakens the body and the immunity and it pushes the muck deeper into the body.

Did you get this bit? This is important to understand. The medication does NOT support healing. The body is what supports healing. The body know what to do and is happy doing so when left to its own devices.

So that is Ok, we pick ourselves up and off we continue.

We then get another cold, and this time when we do not support the process and we go back to the doctor for more drugs, once again we push the muck further back into the body. This time the cold becomes a chest infection, it goes from a bacterial infection to a viral infection. Why is this? Because we still have unresolved muck inside our bodies, from the first time.

Then what…

Time goes by and we then get another cold as the body tries once again to clean the muck out. Do we support it? No. Off we trot back to the doctor. This time the cold ends up with bronchitis.

More drugs, more healing turned inward and more unresolved toxicity.

Are you getting my drift?

This is the story of so many of us, in fact the majority of the population. Our health status starts to deteriorate.

We move from a cold, to tonsillitis, to bronchitis, to asthma, to chronic chest problems, to emphysema and finally we end up with lung cancer. I am using the respiratory system as the example here. This is the same process with all body systems and the more body systems become involved the more overall health issues arise. The more we are in dis-ease.

This is the growth and evolution as disease. Why is this so?

Because we see a cold as bad, we see needing the time to rest as wrong, we see feeling off colour as not good, when quite simply our body is communicating to us and telling us what we need.

So what is the primary lesion?

The primary lesion is the core thing that can be the beginning of it all.

When we go back through the layers of healing and we start the healing process and we can start to feel better. What usually happens is we start to feel better and then we stop the healing process, as in reality we have not reached the core of the problem. Over time health starts to deteriorate and we soon find ourselves back again.

Other times we feel better though sometimes we cannot seem to regain that momentum. It is not until we sort out the very thing that started the ball rolling that we will get the whizz bang we want.

It is like the grain of sand that is in the middle of the pearl. It is the very thing that started the whole amazing process off.

So when we get to a state of auto-immune disease the whole dis-ease process has escalated and the body is out of its normal state of regulation and it is sending mixed messages. The body is attacking itself. It is sending the defences to the wrong place basically because it is over whelmed and confused. I like to use the analogy of a snowball in regards to auto-immune disorders. The snowball starts with a rock inside, this is the primary lesion. As the snow ball rolls down the hill it gets bigger and bigger. It soon picks up momentum and speed and then it becomes very hard to stop and it can knock us down if we get in its way.

If we can find the primary lesion and the beginning grain of sand in our pearl of sickness, then we can start to unravel the snowball, and take the stone out of the middle of it. There is a pearl in the sickness, though we will save that for another blog.

This is a process and yes it does take time, though with the right answers it can take less time.

I created my hair analysis because I wanted to get to the core of the answers and in all my years of study this was not getting me there. I wanted to find a system that would locate and identify the primary lesion and I did this. This is what I call my Radionic Hair Analysis. If we can identify this then we can open the process up.

I will give you some examples of some primary lesions that I identify and I commonly come across.

Aflatoxin, candida, Leshimania, Trematoda’s, Mucor mucedo, Adenovirus, Campylobacter, Clostridium, Klebsiella, Mycobacterium, Pseudomonas, Entamoeba, fasciolopsis, Plasmodium, Trypansoma and I could go on and on and on.

You are not on your own

I am here to help and help I do. I like getting to the core of the problem and I know it can be very overwhelming when you get the lists of toxins, though it gives you a starting place and a plan of action to get the money rolling in and the debt takers out.

I like helping you to help yourself.

Since then I have supported many others to take their health back into their own hands and to reclaim their own power. Are you ready to reclaim yours?


If you are not ready to identify your primary lesion yet, then my advice is that from now on in, then do not suppress the body’s healing process. Allow your body to exude, to release and to let go. Start today. Acknowledge how the body is feeling and let it go.

Know it is Ok to seek help and if you want to speed up any healing process then having someone give you some focus and clarity will save you a lot of time.

See you in part 4.

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Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant
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