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5 Steps to Health Success (Part 4)

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

Our Mental Mindset

Today is the next edition of our 5 part process about being able to have a healthy body and part of this is about having a healthy mindset.

Our thoughts go on to create our world and they are far more powerful than we ever imagine as we have so many default mechanisms that kick into place and we have so many filters or preconditioned beliefs that are implanted within us.

This is why changing our mind set or mental patterns can be difficult and I have had to have my own coaching to help do this over the years. It is OK to seek help from others who know how to do it, as it speeds up your own healing process.

Stress is Good

We know that stress is a good thing, it keeps us aware and it keeps us alive. It gives us something to process and grow with. Without stress in our lives we would not grow and evolve. We would just exist. I believe we have three aspects to us living as human beans (yes I did typo that).

Love, Growth and Joy

Love speaks for itself, we are born in a state of love, we gravitate to love, we choose love. It is our default existence.

What we tend to forget that it is our default way of being and we can get lost in the filters, patterns, programming and the resisting. We are all born unique, all accepting and unconditional loving beings. We do not care about creed or colour, we care about safety and we gravitate to love, this is our innate way. As children we always move towards the safest space or person to be around. We want love.

The more we can give love to those who do us wrong, the less wrong they will want to do. This is the power of unconditional love. We love people so they can change, not the other way round.

Growth, we cannot stop that, we all grow. We grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Though our circumstances and lives can get us to get stuck in certain stages, things can happen to us and we can emotionally get stuck as a 12 year old. In fact this is far more common than we realise and we have many children still walking around in adult’s bodies, behaving like toddlers who are not getting their own way.

If we were adults then we would not treat each other as we do. This is the work that I do in the Vitae Amor Seminars, to identify and clear emotional and spiritual baggage that is holding us back.

The joy is the joy we have from a new idea, seeing the smile on someone else’s face, hearing children giggle, the warmth of a nice hug or the kindness show by a considerate friend. Joy is not like happiness, it is more like a warm glow that is inside. It warms our soul.

Back to Stress  

So stress is good. Something happens and we feel stressed. This is our animal braining kicking in and wanting us to be safe. This is a good thing. Now we can remove ourselves from the situation or change what is happening.

So is happening when we are not really under threat, is that we are just perceiving that we are under threat. This is when our subconscious or unconscious mind had kicked in and we could flip into survival mode and perceive everything as a threat.

Studies show that is it our perception that is the biggest problem, not the threat or stress itself. (Check out Bruce Lipton, I love Brucie). It is more the fact that we become overwhelmed, the more we can get lost in a stress response. Therefore the best way to do this is to change our mindset.

How do we do this?

  • Positive thinking
  • Pushing negative thinking away
  • Giving gratitude
  • Practising Self care
  • Having more self-awareness
  • Meditation
  • Exercise

These are just a few examples of working with our mindset and I can easily help direct you into what types of wellbeing activities are best suited to your constitution. As after all we are all unique and different people who resonate with different modes of treatment.

We do have other stresses, the stresses that come from toxicity and previous exposure. We have spoken about chemicals in part 2, we have spoken about unhealthy eating in part 1 and being infested with parasitic and microbial infestations we have discussed in part 3. These are all added stress on the body and mindset.

So what can we do?

First being aware of what stresses is us is the number one factor here. We cannot change anything until we are aware of it.

We can start to change our daily routines to help bring us positive changes over time and to be honest this is one of the most effective ways of doing this. Small permanent positive changes are long lasting, this is making SMART goals.

I can help you make the right smart goals for you.

Each week I still keep learning new easy, simple and effective tools that will change your life, permanently and quickly. I am all for ease!

I can help you get to the bottom of your stresses and help to guide you through them, along with my Radioanic Hair Analysis I also run an 8 week coaching program which gives you weekly support, ongoing weekly strategies of which you have to be accountable for in making these changes.  This is called Louise’s Lift Off Program.

You are not on your own

I am here to help and help I do. I like getting to the core of the problem and I know it can be very overwhelming when you get the lists of toxins, though it gives you a starting place and a plan of action to get the money rolling in and the debt takers out.

I like helping you to help yourself.

Since then I have supported many others to take their health back into their own hands and to reclaim their own power. Are you ready to reclaim yours?


If you are not ready to identify your primary lesion yet, then my advice is that from now on in, then do not suppress the body’s healing process. Allow your body to exude, to release and to let go. Start today. Acknowledge how the body is feeling and let it go.

Know it is Ok to seek help and if you want to speed up any healing process then having someone give you some focus and clarity will save you a lot of time.

See you in part 5.

About the author

Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant
Soul Expansion Educator
As the creator of The Expansion Project™ I have observed that the world is facing ill health, depression, suicide and environmental problems with more people dying now than ever before.
Our mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet so that happier people can do kinder things for themselves, others and the planet.
I help people who are disconnected, frustrated and are stuck in the cycle of failure to become connected, creatively inspired and happy.

I love teaching and educating others to help empower them to make their own informed decisions and proactive choices. I look to furthering my journey to expand by teaching overseas and to share my light to larger audiences, enabling me to expand my writings, publishing and sharing.

My passions are travel, adventure, books, learning new concepts, empowering others and laughing with my family. I love seeing the light being turned on inside people, and seeing them ‘light up’ as they wake up to the real world. I have spent many years walking amongst and being the living dead and now it is time to WAKE UP and BE ALIVE.