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Are you having a Healthy Day?

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

Tomorrow is World Health Day, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write what health means to me.

We spend a lot of time with society focusing on negative traits, patterns, energies, behaviours poor habits and yet our default born space is one of being healthy and happy. We will easily extenuate the negative and will skip past the positive, when we watch TV, advertising, read the paper, it is all doom and gloom. Sometimes living life I the ‘happy’ space can feel like it is going against the grain.

One reason for this is because as humans,  we love a bit of drama, emotional charge and excitement. Though how would it be to have some frisky excitement?

Here is my list of things that I believe are all part of being a healthy and vital person.

How many can you tick off?

  1. Waking up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day
  2. Being connected to your body and reaching for healthy foods
  3. Feeling like you want to exercise
  4. Knowing you have clear goals and direction
  5. Being focused, balanced and compact
  6. Having sexual thoughts, desires and fantasies and being OK with that
  7. Having creative outlets to express your joy and happiness
  8. Having a positive mindset
  9. Making your bed in the morning and wanting a clean environment
  10. Being a part of a community
  11. Having a great social life, getting out and connecting with others
  12. Following your gut feeling
  13. Being present with yourself and your loved ones
  14. Taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions
  15. Choosing to drink because of celebration not for habit
  16. Having glowing and clear skin
  17. Knowing your body is your most precious possession you have
  18. Being free of aches and pains
  19. Drinking lots of clean, fresh and healthy water
  20. Spending time outside daily
  21. Knowing what makes you happy and pursuing it
  22. Having faith and a spiritual belief
  23. Being medication free
  24. Knowing that when your body cleans house, ie. has a cold, you bounce back quickly and knowing a clean out is healthy
  25. Being surrounded by healthy, positive, supporting, happy and proactive people
  26. Knowing what your worries are and being able to turn them all around
  27. Having your body functions working to their optimal peak easily
  28. Avoiding the need for drugs and stimulants as you know that these are poisons and why would you want to dishonour your body
  29. Being flexible, physically, mentally and emotionally
  30. Having a strong intuition that guides you to happiness and health
  31. Having positive self-talk
  32. Knowing you have processes to maintain your wellbeing and great health
  33. Having acceptance and acknowledgement
  34. Knowing you feel safe and secure
  35. Just going through life enjoying it
  36. Knowing that you can live your potential
  37. Looking healthy
  38. Seeing abundance all around you and being that
  39. Enjoying your passion, rather than working a job
  40. Making your money work for you
  41. Engage and connect with others
  42. Deal with problems as they arise and sorting them out
  43. Having healthy regular daily bowel motions
  44. Living and expressive and full life
  45. Feeling free
  46. Knowing we are continually expanding and growing
  47. Choosing to surround yourself with happy and positive people
  48. Talking about what you like, what you want and where you want to be
  49. Loving yourself first
  50. Loving unconditionally
  51. Knowing that there is always more

I am sure there are more I can add, though this is a great list to get you started.

Enjoy thinking of more things that let you know that you are healthy. I am happy to add them to my list

Seeing you always in health and happiness,

Louise Plant

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About the author

Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant
Soul Expansion Educator
As the creator of The Expansion Project™ I have observed that the world is facing ill health, depression, suicide and environmental problems with more people dying now than ever before.
Our mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet so that happier people can do kinder things for themselves, others and the planet.
I help people who are disconnected, frustrated and are stuck in the cycle of failure to become connected, creatively inspired and happy.

I love teaching and educating others to help empower them to make their own informed decisions and proactive choices. I look to furthering my journey to expand by teaching overseas and to share my light to larger audiences, enabling me to expand my writings, publishing and sharing.

My passions are travel, adventure, books, learning new concepts, empowering others and laughing with my family. I love seeing the light being turned on inside people, and seeing them ‘light up’ as they wake up to the real world. I have spent many years walking amongst and being the living dead and now it is time to WAKE UP and BE ALIVE.