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Free Fun for Kids

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

Finding Family Fun For Free

There are ways that we can find ways to have family fun for free and when doing this it is a great idea to get all the family and the kids involved. Every is the creator of these activities.

Here are a few suggestions that have been tried and tested.

Garden Mini Golf

This activity means going into the shed and pulling out whatever things you can find to create a mini golf course.

Pipes used in plumbing are great to use, they can be placed in different angles or even as a see saw, so it pivots to allow the weight of the ball to tip the pipe. An old bike tyre can make a loop. We like to use mugs as the hole, as there is no need to make holes all over the garden. In fact offer a treat for the most inventive golf hole. Tubes, speed humps, corners, objects to move around, all help to make it interesting.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are also great fun. You can use clues, if you are low in treasures. Each clue can be written to lead onto the next one. Rules can be applied as to whether everyone works together, two teams can play against each other and do they wait for the other team to catch up, these rules are up to you and depend on the numbers playing. Treasure can be lunch!

Another free fun game is to actually find each other. You will have to find a place where everyone can hide, behind trees, in national park buildings, in old army barracks, in fact anyplace large outside space with things to hide in or behind will work.

Make Your Game

This can be quite an interesting game and how you feel it is going to play out can change as soon as one person adds their part to the game.

Go around the circle and take it in turns. Each person says how the game is played, what the objective is, how you win the game and how to play the game. This can end up looking like a combination of Cleudo charades.

Often this game is more entertaining creating the game than actually playing the game. It is always good to have a mediator present to keep the creating process moving along.


So here are 3 free game ideas.

Do you have any?

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Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant
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