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Panacea Herbs

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

I have decided to write this article about panacea herbs, namely because I thought it was time for a herb article and also because I love the multi-tasking herbs.

The word Panacea comes from the Greek mythology from the Goddess of Healing. A search online will give you a wealthy of healing practises all using the “panacea’’ name.

Panacea was the daughter of Asclepius and Epione. Her and her five sisters each performed as a part of the Apollo arts. Panacea was the goddess of healing, Iaso was the goddess of recuperation, Hygieia was the goddess of disease prevention, Aceso was the goddess of recovery and Aglaea was the goddess of natural beauty. With such goddess on the job, we could see Apollo was doing some great work.

Panaceas four brothers had their role too. Podaleirus who was gifted in diagnostics, Machaon a master surgeon, Telesphoros who devoted his to serving and a step brother Aratus who became a Greek hero.

Panaceas means of healing was with a poultice or potion and it is this concept that brought substance to the name of being able to cure all diseases. The herbal term has therefore become a herb that is able to heal a large number of multi-faceted problems.

I will start with poultices as they are a good place to start. When it comes to poultices there are two herbs that come to mind. The first one has to be comfrey. Comfrey has many actions. Its name basically means to unite and this is what comfrey does. If there are any wounds or bruising then comfrey will help to unite the skin and bring it together. There is nothing better when it comes to bruising. I once had a friend who had broken a rib by a ram butting her. Every time she breathed she felt pain. I gave her some of my comfrey infused lip balm, which had comfrey oil in it. I was driving home and she rang me 20 minutes later saying that she could finally breathe without any pain. How good is that.

Another wonderful herb that come to mind when thinking of poultices is arnica.A stroy to tell you how good arnica is, is the fact that after giving birth to Riley my third son, who weighed 9lb 9, I was able to start mowing lawns and even contemplate activities that created him in the first place after 3 days. I am sure than many men around the world would keep on saying, give her some of that.

The last panacea her for poultices has to be calendula. This herb heals all. Any problems, ailments and calendula will help. It is even indicated for cancerous lesions and it an be taken inside and out for such problems.

Onto the subject of panacea herbs. I think I would have to pick herbs that are my favourite.

Burdock— Burdock is one of my favourite herbs as it is a panacea herb. It will tone the liver and the kidneys. It is one of the best blood cleansers, being as major component of the Essiac the cancer tea and blood cleansing teas. Dried Burdock

It will eliminate toxins and help to aid the detoxification of the liver and the blood.

My next panacea herb would have to be Pau d árco. This is another all heal herb. Its best action is in the reducing of fungal infestations. This is believed to be the underlying reasons for a number of auto-immune diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome and cancers. It does not matter is you do not have these conditions as pau d árco will help cleanse the body anyway. It will prevent cancers before they even start to happen. It will help liver function, clean blood and help to reduce the body’s response to stress. What a great herb. An added bonus is that it tastes great and can easily be added to any mixture. There is no need to have a disgusting taste in this case. Dried Pau ‘arco

Another panacea herb I could be thinking of is turmeric. Thing is another great herb that can easily be added to any diet. I used to add it to my bread mix and make yellow bread. The kids did not complain. They were quite happy to eat the yellow bread. It did not affect the taste in any way, shape or form. Turmeric is another great cancer preventative. Taking it regularly or adding it to your foods will help prevent cancers, how would you ever know. It does not matter anyway, its other benefits are to help reduce inflammations, so it is great for any arthritic complaints, plus if will help to reduce fat in the blood and hence cholesterol. As small price to pay for a small herb or spice to eat regularly. I used to make infused massage oils and infuse ginger and turmeric in the oil before massaging. It made the oil a little yellow and it was not great to use with white towels though it was great for taking any aches and sores away. Turmeric Powder

Another panacea herb I would have to think of is garlic. The reason why I like garlic is because there are so many infestations that can be the underlying cause of many diseases and especially auto-immune disorders. There are many stories of people taking garlic on a medicinal basis to help reduce high blood pressure, cancers, high cholesterol and a load of parasitic conditions, even such things as chronic fatigue. It would not be something that I would recommend that you take all the time as it can wipe out your friendly bowel flora, though to take on a regular annual basis as a bit of a cleanse or a flush would be a great idea.

Another panacea herb I would have to choose is oats. The reason I would chose oats over a herb such as alfalfa is because oats has the added bonus of helping support the nervous system and in this day and age there are very, very few people who would not benefit from some nervous system support. Oats is high in a number of nutrients so it will help add to the nutritional support of the body, it is high in silica, so it will help with the structural support of the body, plus it is a nervine and a sedative, so it will help to tone and support all aspects of the nervous system. A herb that will benefit anyone, whether old or young.

The last herb that I would consider for its panacea actions would be Fringe tree. I love fringe tree it is a great herb and you can use it whatever part of the endocrine is affected or not. Fringe tree can be used to treat the spleen, pancreas, gal bladder and liver. It does not matter as the herb will treat all of them. There is no need to have to figure out what will affect what and what organ needs attending to most, just give fringe tree and know that the herb will sort it all out for you.

These panacea herbs are just a few that come to mind and they are some of my favourites, I am sure you might have your own favourites. A panacea is always great to use as it can cover more than one job at one time. Great Job done. LP

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Louise Plant

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