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What Makes A GREAT Therapist?

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

I have been asking this question and have been getting some interesting answers.

Great listening skills, rapport, understanding, compassion, being open minded, accountability and non-judgement are some of the responses that I received.

I believe there are two major skills that a good therapist must have. These others I could call secondary traits.

What are they? I hear you cry. Well let me share with you.

#1 is Presence

What is that all about?

When we are present we are in our body, we are free of doubt and worry, we are connected to ourselves, we are authentic. This is how we build connection and rapport.

Presence is a practise and I must say there are so many of us walking this planet not in our bodies. I was certainly was one of those and it has only been the last 4 years that I learnt of the value of presence.

We see Presence in the tone of our voice, our body language, our eye contact and the connection we have to others.

It allows us to empathise with compassion and not to fall into soul weakening sympathy where we start to take on other people’s stuff. When we are present we are in our true natural power and it gives others a sense of security and safety. It is like we become a rock for others.

When we step into presence we are reclaiming our sovereignty and we are activating our own healing process. I know this from past experience. We can spend time and energy trying to leave the pain and struggle that we feel inside and leaving our body is one great escape to do this. We leave our bodies every time we drink alcohol or take drugs and even medication will take us away from our home space.

I now know the security I have of being at home with myself and when we are this way we are grounded and connected and are there for others. We are understanding and accepting of others and we become more of an observer and a holder of space.

I must say it is refreshing and freeing to step away from these dramas.

#2 Beliefs or Intent

This is my second major asset I believe your therapist must have.

We know the saying where the thoughts flow, energy goes?

There is so much truth to this. Not only do you have to know and believe deep within your being that we all have the power to heal, you must also have the belief and intent to be able to see this for your clients as well.

We see this in Gregg Brayden’s The Miracle of Cures. A 3 inch cancerous tumour in a woman’s uterus is healed in under 5 minutes, though the power of prayer and intent.

What makes this happen is that, not only do the healers see her healing, it is imperative that she, as the client, does so as well. All people involved must believe health is on the way.

We know the placebo effect works in 50% of cases and this shows the power of your intent. This is why I end every video or article with, ‘seeing you in Health and happiness,’ as this is what I see for the world.

I see the tide turning, I see people realising the drugs are NOT WORKING. I see everyone taking responsibility for their own health and I see them being guided to what they need to do to make themselves healthier and happier. I wish this for all.

There are so many miracle healings happening now and to be honest they are not miracles. Our bodies are miracles and they can heal. We just have to get out of the way and let it do what it is made to do.

Having a supportive present therapist who can hold that space and hold your hand through the process of healing is essential.

Remember YOU are the one doing the healing, no one can cure anyone else.

If you want a present therapist who knows you have the power to create the health and happiness that is your birthright, make an appointment with me TODAY.

Email me at planter@wn.com.au or learn about my Complete Radionics Health Analysis at http://louiseplant.com.au/liftoff/louise-plants-hair-radionics-complete-health-analysis/

Seeing you ALWAYS in health and happiness

Love and Light Louise Plant

‘Cultivating You into Sovereignty’

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About the author

Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant (ND, RT, HonDipBM, BcSc, PGd)

Holistic Nutritionist | Master Herbalist, teacher, life motivator, author, public speaker and healer.

I love teaching and educating others to help empower them to make their own informed decisions and proactive choices. I look to furthering my journey to expand by teaching overseas and to share my light to larger audiences, enabling me to expand my writings, publishing and sharing.

My passions are travel, adventure, books, learning new concepts, empowering others and laughing with my family. I love seeing the light being turned on inside people, and seeing them ‘light up’ as they wake up to the real world. I have spent many years walking amongst and being the living dead and now it is time to WAKE UP and BE ALIVE.