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Why would I Promote Health and Wellness to my Employees

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

Why would I Promote Health and Wellness for my Employees?

We have all heard of the saying ‘Prevention is Better than Cure.’

This blog explores the reasons as to why this would be and as a leader, why would it be important to promote health and wellness to our employees and even to ourselves.

The disease process is one where there is disharmony within the body. Disease will either move in or it will either move out. Let me explain further.

According to Homotoxicology beliefs there are six stages to disease.

Stage one is early signs of inflammation or the excretion phase. What happens here is we have conditions such as having a runny nose or a cold. If we choose to suppress this runny nose and using antibiotics or medication would be one way to suppress dis-ease, what happens is the disease process moves deeper into the body. It moves to stage two.

Stage two is inflammation. Here the runny nose might present as a cough. Again if we suppress this it moves into stage three which is chronic inflammation. Here we could start to present with bronchitis or silicosis.

Suppressing this then moves the disease state deeper in to stage four which is scarring. Tissues become hardened and they are not able to produce protective juices or mechanisms. This phase is called impregnation and the disease state that present would be chronic obstructive bronchitis. The lungs are not able to eliminate the toxicity.

As we suppress this state then we move to phase five which is degeneration of the tissue. Tissues start to die and there is functional damage. Emphysema is a sign of a phase 5 lung condition. The final stage is phase 6 which they call dedifferentiation phase, which is tissue mutation and cancers. Lung cancer would present here.

The earlier we can support the body in its healing processes the better. Supporting the body means ensuring we have adequate rest, nutrition, sleep, fresh air, clean water and a healing environment. Our body is trying to communicate to us that there is something not right and it needs support. Our lesson is to learn to listen to what the body needs.

The taking of medication and chemicals is not a process that supports the body in healing. The body knows what to do, after all when we hurt or cut ourselves then the body heals. We do not have to tell it to digest our food or heal the cut on our finger, the body knows what it needs to do.

We could support it by eating fresh fruit and veg, having time out, reducing toxicity, eliminating poisons and allowing the body to heal. It could be likened to letting the body have a good cry and us not holding back the tears as such.

When we support this, the body heals quicker and the disease process moves out and not in.

We can support those around us by giving them the time and space to express and heal.

When we do this we are preventing more serious disease.

When we promote health in our employees we know they will

  • Feel supported
  • Will feel understood
  • Will be validated
  • Will provide us with greater productivity
  • Will be happier and happier people work more efficiently
  • They will be supportive of us
  • They will be ‘for’ us and not ‘against’ us
  • They will promote us

Many of us do not understand the true meaning of the disease process and we still believe in popping a pill to suppress our symptoms. This just moves disease deeper and deeper into the body and it can take a much longer time to heal.

Instead we might need to change our habits, change our diet or even radically change our lifestyle. It is not becoming common place that many people who suffer with chronic degenerative diseases are able to turn their life and health around by changing what they eat and how they live. In fact it can be a wakeup call, to wake up and change.

I use my Radionic Hair Analysis as a means of seeing what stage of disease people are in and what it is that they need to change to start the reversal of the disease process and support the body in its healing.

If you would like to find out more, then you can check it out here.

As always I love to see you in health and happiness and I am happy to discuss this more with you, if you so desire.

Until next time, be happy

Louise Plant

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Louise Plant

Louise Plant

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