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Women at Work

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

Women at Work

Have you ever read the Good Wife’s Guide of 1955?

It is an interesting read.

Before a woman’s man comes home from work, she is ensure that she is happy and gay, to make sure dinner is cooked and she has prepared him a warm or cold drink, the house is to be clean, the children clean and quiet and just before he arrives, go have a shower, put on some lippy and greet him with a warm and loving smile and tell him to put his feet up.

Yerr right.

Things are so different now.

We now live in a world where most couples are working in the family, just to make ends meet. Women want to work, we have careers, visions and goals and we can kick butt in business.

I remember when I was running a café or two and it was a 7 day a week job. Then on top of that it was come home, ensure food is in the fridge, bills paid, school forms completed, cook dinner, do the washing, plus find time to be in a loving and connected relationship AND be there for the kids.

I am sure some of you are resonating with what I am saying.

So as the last weekly topic for International Woman’s month I would like to offer tips that I have learnt when it comes to being a busy career orientated working mum. So here goes.

Tip#1: Ensure that you make time for you. This is vital. We have to have self-care time for us. If we fall, then it all falls. Exercise, meditation, crafts, hobbies, this is vital. All your work and happiness will always be proportional to how much you value yourself. I like to do an hour in the morning, walking, writing, meditating. It is worth getting up earlier to do this, plus it starts your day with great intentions.

Tip 2#: Know you are not a slave. Everyone takes part in the running of the household. No children are too young to show a little responsibility. In our house the rules are ‘You Make the Mess, You Clean the Mess’, no matter how old you are. We have rosters, everyone has a share of cooking and dishes, some feed the animals, do the bins and from high school they manage their own washing. This tip is so valuable as how else will children learn to look after themselves?

Tip 3# : Make time to do what you love. When we are happy things flow and we manifest easier. Simple

Tip 4# : Create quality time for the children and your partner. Date nights, family outings, dinner, movies, it gives everyone one something special to look forward to. Ask the family what they would like to do.

Tip 5# : Make meal times family time. This can be hard, though if you say 6 to 6.30pm is dinner and have everyone all sit together. It could be breakfast, or even Sunday lunch, what is important is that it happens. No phones, no TV, just a family sitting, eating and connecting. Start conversation!

Tip 6# : Get adequate sleep. This is vital for great health, happiness and wellbeing.

Tip 7 # : Have regular family meetings and get everyone to listen to what is happening, to share news, events and to give everyone a chance to voice themselves. I always like to end our meetings on a high note and ask them what things they would like to see the family doing.

Tip 8 #: Know that you are the adult and the children are children. There will be times when it is not a discussion, mum and dad have the final say, end of discussion. Mum and dad must also see eye to eye, otherwise there will be mutiny in the ranks, so you two go off and sort it first.

Tip 9 #: Get everyone to create their own consequences for not following the ‘family plan’. Sometimes they will pick something harder than you would.

Tip 10 #: Know that small amounts of quality time is what we want, our partners want and so do our children. You must be present, paying attention, eye to eye, be there and listen. We all want to be present and to feel that presence everyday.

On a final note, it is a great thing for women to have their career and to follow their vision and their dreams. How we achieve this can be different to men, Gut feeling, following the happiness trail, intuition, networking, this could a different approach for you and if it feels good and it works, do it.

If you want to learn more lifestyle tips and would like support from your busy life, then let me know and we can share some time together,

Until next time,

Seeing you in love and light


The Good Wife Guide 1955

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Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant
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Our mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet so that happier people can do kinder things for themselves, others and the planet.
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