Do you want to finally find the answers to your Continuing Health Problems?

Louise Plant's Hair Radionics

We spend $104 a month on our health

This means we spend $1248 a year and $12,480 in 10 years and $24, 960 in 20 years

Would you like these costs to STOP?

Last year we spent 28.6 Billion Dollars on health and health related problems.

50% of us take a Daily Supplement

26% of us take 2 kinds of supplements a day

24% of us take more than three a day

Our expenditure on health has risen from a 7.9% rise in 2009 to 9.4% in 2016

What does this mean?

It means our health is deteriorating and we are spending more on our health

Would you like to put an end to these huge health costs?

There is a solution that will get to the bottom of all health problems.

Hair Radionics

Louise Plant (ND, RT, HDip BM, BchSc, PGd HE) has developed, after 18 years of research and practical application which is her own unique system which she call Radionic Hair Analysis.

The Hair Radionics protocol will give you a complete analysis of all your underlying health issues, where your future health path is heading and what modalities are best to support your healing process using complementary therapies.

This Complete Analysis will;

  • Find the primary underlying reasons for your health problems
  • Show you what toxins and parasites are present in your body
  • Give you a greater understanding of dietary intolerances
  • Highlight most beneficial diet protocols to follow
  • Inform you of best modes of treatment that are most suited to your individuality
  • Show what needs to be addressed to bring you to optimum health
  • Explore blocks and limitations
  • Give you a clear treatment path to follow
  • Highlight your priorities for treatment

The Hair Radionics analysis explores diet, toxins, parasites, allergies, nutrients, emotional states, liver status, adrenal status, endocrine or hormonal imbalances, treatments and a complete overview of the body systems and any underlying weaknesses.

It also tests for dietary intolerances, a complete digestive analysis,  underlying toxicity or parasitic infestations, energy centre imbalances, endocrine or liver status, body imbalances, nutritional levels, heavy metal toxicity, stress pathways and vitality levels.

This system is NOT a Mineral Hair Analysis or Mineralograms, which is used to test for minerals. These tests can be affected by hair colour, shampoos, bleaches and hair dyes.

Louise’s System Analysis is a complete standalone system.

It tests the physics or frequencies of the hair, therefore it does not matter where the hair comes from, if it has been dyed and no hair roots are required.

It will provide you with all the answers that you need.

This complete system is fantastic for those of you who;

  • Are not getting the answers that you want about your health
  • What to get to the bottom of what is happening to you in your body
  • The system identifies you as the amazing unique individual that you are
  • Want to know what the best food choices are for you
  • Are confused about where to start with your health
  • Have the same reoccurring health problems
  • Want to know the primary reasons for why you feel like you do
  • It will give you a blue print to your brain fog and low energy levels

“After 18 years of working this system, I know this system works and you will finally have the answers that you have been looking for.”

Louise Plant (Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist)

What do you have to do?

Cut a snippet of hair, it does not matter if it is dyed or coloured or where it comes from on your body. 20 strands, about an inch long are best.

Place the hair sample into an envelope and send to

Address: P.O. Box 259 Murwillumbah, NSW 2484


The analysis is $150 and the consultation to discuss the results and devise a continuing health plan for you is $60.

The consultation is done over the phone, Skype, zoom or face to face.


If you have any questions
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