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Finding Polarity

Louise Plant
Written by Louise Plant

The Higher Laws


I asked the question what polarity means to you. I had people reply saying, it means the opposites. Great answers, though it does mean more than that to me and I will use this blog to explain.

When I think of Polarity, I think of two opposites being drawn together or two opposites that are polarised by each other. These opposites are both equal and opposite to each other.

When we see the distance from the table to the floor, it is one metre. When we see the distance from the floor to the table, it is still one metre. Both are measurements in the opposite direction, though they are both equal.

How can there be poles unless there are two?

We have to have the duality or the two sides for us to have polarity.

Day or night, black or white, male or female, they all have their own ability to be themselves, to be the opposite of their opposing pole and yet they both have the ability  to draw each other towards each other.

Light and dark are opposite, though at what point does the light start and the darkness begins? They are just different degrees that move into each other.

Our DNA is polarised, it consists of pairs of chromosomes attracted to each other.

In chemistry, a molecule is polar when one end has a positive charge and one end has a negative charge. Polarity is the physical property of the compounds, what it is melting point or how soluble it is.

There is such a thing as Polar Therapy.

Polar therapy uses the positive and negative poles or currents of energy that move around the body. The use of positive or negative charges has been used in many modalities of healing throughout history in Ayurvedic, Taoist or Traditional Chinese Medicine practises. Whether is it prana, chi or vital force, it is all the flow of energy and I use this positive and negative, masculine and feminine energies daily in my healing modalities and in my meditations.

In our body many of the chemical and physiological mechanisms that we have are driven with the use of positive and negative charges. Sodium/potassium gates are driven this way, as are nerve impulses, protein carriers, water and nutrients that come in and out of our 350 trillion cells, these are all driven by polarity.

In the world of polarity we cannot have one thing without the other. Everything is equal and opposite. Everything that happens within also happens without. There is a negative and positive side to everything, our thoughts, beliefs, actions and reactions. The deepest cut in our lives is always the deepest learning if you are able to be open to seeing the polarity of the experience.

We are full of electrical and magnetic impulses. Science has an understanding of our electrical currents, now we are opened to the world of our magnetic abilities and how this can generate our intent into our lives.

This means that everything is different degrees on the same scale. How this relates to us is that we have the power to choose what we perceive. We can choose what is positive or negative. It is our choice.

I do love the term polarising and having spoken about the true essence of the masculine and the feminine over the last couple of weeks, I am well aware that as I polarise and increase my feminine, so does it magnify the polarised masculine energy.

The art to this is to know consciously that you have the ability to do and that you are doing this. If you increase your essence or polarity your partner will feel it and they may either not like the changes or will change accordingly.

The final thing about polarity that excites me is the fact that it draws and attracts something towards a specific direction. Just like the magnets. Opposites will attract and like poles will repel.

We can liken this to creating what we want in our lives. We call in what we want, we polarise it and then we have to allow it to come to us. If we lose our charge, then we lose our attraction. It is important that we stand polarised.

Duality and polarity is all around us.

To master polarity in your life it is essential to become balanced, aim to observe and do not judge.

If you become extreme then you will move you to the extremes of the poles.

Aim to be calm and balanced in everything that you do, balance can be found in all.

In my Higher Laws program that I created, I explore the 7 Higher Laws and law two is the Law of Divine Duality. This discusses the laws of duality and polarity, for that is the way of our world. Check out www.thehigherlaws.com for more info.

If you would like to experience more about this topic, book some time with me today and I can help to guide your life to balance.

Until next time,

seeing you in happiness and health

Louise Plant

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Louise Plant

Louise Plant

Louise Plant
Soul Expansion Educator
As the creator of The Expansion Project™ I have observed that the world is facing ill health, depression, suicide and environmental problems with more people dying now than ever before.
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